Sunday, September 30, 2007

Something Is Seriously Wrong With Luke Ravenstahl

Ms. Pist has been so overwhelmed with work lately that she’s barely had time to breathe much less keep up with even the summary versions of major developments. Even so, it’s just been too much. These stupid Ravenstahl lies. Ms. Pist may not be able to tolerate hearing one more supid Ravenstahl lie.

All hyperbole aside (and unfortunately I'm not dishing out any) ..... there is some malady at work here. For someone to repeatedly lie when they know they will probably get caught is bad enough. For someone to repeatedly lie when they KNOW FOR CERTAIN there are 8x10 glossies and camera footage available showing them in the midst of that which they are denying.......For someone to repeatedly lie when there are irrefutable records that reporters and others can easily check proving they did what they say they did not do…. This type of behavior is almost beyond description.

It must be one of two things. Luke Ravenstahl has either a mental and/or brain-wiring problem and cannot help himself. Like someone with Tourettes Syndrome. Or Luke Ravenstahl is in some kind of "altered state" whereby he believes himself to be "Master of the Universe" and what we puny little mortals think is of no consequence whatsoever.

Ms. Pist’s bet is on Option #2.

Lastly…… To repeatedly blame your own staff each time you get caught in one of your own amazingly stupid lies is just plain chickenshit.


Anonymous said...

I agree, the mayor has some problems. Like saying he has a balanced budget. Balanced on part of a police officers family who incurred a $16500.00 medical bill of which the health insurance only paid $1800.00. The officer is responsible for the rest. Unlike the firefighters who still have 100% coverage. Sad part is the city nor the FOP even told the officers the benefits went down so drastically in March of 2005. So Mr. Mayor, balance the city budget on the backs of the public servants. Enjoy your golf games while others suffer financial ruin.

Char said...


We all MUST vote this disaster out of office. Forget Republican, forget Democrat, forget everything except that this twit is a horrible, horrible disaster and MUST go away. We cannot let him ruin this city and everyone in it.

Schultz said...


Welcome back! I was at the debate the other night and witnessed Luke flipping out on Marty Griffin. I agree that Pittsburghers must forget about parties in this election, but having a viable candidate in Mark DeSantis should make this easier to stomach for some of the staunch democratic voters.

Char said...

Oh .... I wish I could have seen that. Or, maybe not. Maybe I would have flipped out myself right on the spot. I tell you, if I have to live with Luke for 2 more years.... I might have to completely unplug myself. No radio, no newspaper, no nothing. I don't know if I could bear 2 years of that moron.

And yes, DeSantis is not just the "Anti-Luke" choice .... he's actually a really good guy in an of himself.

Sorry I've been missing in action. Its a little thing called making a living.

Daniel Steeler said...

Glad you're back, Char!

Anonymous said...

The mayor is busted again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I am writing an article for Duquesne University's newspaper. It's going to be a feature story pretty much explaining why Luke Ravenstahl should not be mayor. I just wanted to ask you guys,

"What do you think will happen to our cities financial situation if Ravenstahl is elected again?"

If you could just answer that I'd really appreciate it, it will really help me with my article, thanks guys!