Sunday, September 30, 2007

Something Is Seriously Wrong With Luke Ravenstahl

Ms. Pist has been so overwhelmed with work lately that she’s barely had time to breathe much less keep up with even the summary versions of major developments. Even so, it’s just been too much. These stupid Ravenstahl lies. Ms. Pist may not be able to tolerate hearing one more supid Ravenstahl lie.

All hyperbole aside (and unfortunately I'm not dishing out any) ..... there is some malady at work here. For someone to repeatedly lie when they know they will probably get caught is bad enough. For someone to repeatedly lie when they KNOW FOR CERTAIN there are 8x10 glossies and camera footage available showing them in the midst of that which they are denying.......For someone to repeatedly lie when there are irrefutable records that reporters and others can easily check proving they did what they say they did not do…. This type of behavior is almost beyond description.

It must be one of two things. Luke Ravenstahl has either a mental and/or brain-wiring problem and cannot help himself. Like someone with Tourettes Syndrome. Or Luke Ravenstahl is in some kind of "altered state" whereby he believes himself to be "Master of the Universe" and what we puny little mortals think is of no consequence whatsoever.

Ms. Pist’s bet is on Option #2.

Lastly…… To repeatedly blame your own staff each time you get caught in one of your own amazingly stupid lies is just plain chickenshit.