Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Property Tax Relief For Low-Income Seniors

I need your help right now! This is what we’ve been waiting for! Here’s our opportunity to create change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians.

In what’s being called a “dramatic turn,” the state House just last night voted 159-36 to eliminate school property taxes for low income seniors.

Remember, the House was supposed to discuss raising sales and income tax. House members dropped that idea and finally followed the will of the people!

Folks – this is a big deal! But here’s the catch: It needs another favorable vote before it moves to the Senate.

This is what we want: TAX CUTS, not TAX INCREASES!

We all need to call our state representatives TODAY! Call ten times if necessary! Tell them you support the tax cut plan.

If you don’t know who your state rep is, ask someone! Look in the phone book! But do it!

Folks, you know our elected leaders respond to phone calls. They respond to pressure. Please take five minutes out of your day and call or e-mail them. Beg them to follow through!

Please do me a favor and forward this-email to ten of your friends. Then listen to The Inside Story with Marty Griffin 9 am-noon on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA. Let’s make our leaders listen!

We can make a difference and we can create change. We MUST do it together.

Remember one voice is a whisper, but our voice is a roar!

Thanks again …..

Marty Griffin


Below are email addresses of Allegheny County State Reps and those in control of this legislation. Ask them to pass HB1600 with the Perzel amendment intact. FYI, Bennington, Clymer, Dermody, DeWeese, Schroeder, Wagner(!) & White are opposed to this legislation:

Lisa Bennington:
Paul Clymer:
Paul Costa:
Anthony DeLuca:
Frank Dermody:
Bill DeWeese:
Dan Frankel-23:
Marc Gergely:
William Kortz:
Nick Kotik:
David Levdansky:
John Maher:
Joseph Markosek:
Mark Mustio:
Thomas Petrone:
Joe Preston:
Sean Ramaley:
Harry Readshaw:
Curt Schroder:
Matthew Smith:
Mike Turzai:
Randy Vulakovish:
Chelsa Wagner:
Don Walko:
Jake Wheatley:
Jesse White:

For more details: Post Gazette, Post Gazette, Tribune-Review


Anonymous said...

Who picks up the shortfall when the property taxes for low-income seniors are reduced? Do other folks' property taxes go up to cover the shortfall? Or, does the school district reduce spending by the amount of the tax break given to seniors?

Char said...

The money is to come from slots revenues. Which brings us full circle to yet another irony.

When Rendell originally stumped the state looking for support to legalize gaming in PA ..... He promised folks that gaming revenues would go to COMPLELETLY ELIMINATE the school portion of property taxes for ALL property owners. He visited extensively with seniors groups begging for their support, knowing how important this was to them.

Of course, Rendell cannot just promise away future tax revenues just once. He flitted around the state and promising the same monies multiple times to many groups.

When the dust settled and after gaming was voted in ..... it became apparant there wasn't enough money to pay for all of Fast Eddie's promises. Elimination of the school portion of property taxes for all dwindled down to a possible tax rebate of a few hundred the futre.

The use of gaming revenues to eliminate school property taxes for some of our state's property owners would be a nice first step to delivering on a promise made. One Rendell and company obviously never inteded to keep.

Matt H said...

M Griffin is cool

Richmond K. Turner said...

That slots money has been promised to more revenue streams than most of us ever even knew existed in Pennsylvania government. Even the most hard-core wonks cannot possibly keep track of everything that slots money is supposed to be going to.

Anonymous said...

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