Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Check Is In The Mail, I’ll Call You In The Morning, And The “Bodies” Gave Their Consent

After China has produced ....
- Children's toys coated with lead
- Children's toys coated with the 'Date Rape" drug
- Exploding cell phone batteries
- Exploding tires
- Tainted antibiotics
- Poisoned pet food
- Unstable fireworks
- Fake birth control pills and HIV drugs
- Tainted leukemia drugs causing paralysis
- Candy, pickles, crackers and seafood laced with formaldehyde
- Bogus rabies vaccinations
- Baby formula containing only 6% of nutrients needed to sustain a baby
- Toothpaste & cough medicine laced with antifreeze
- Fish loaded with antibiotics
- Dried apples preserved with carcinogens
- "Farm raised" scallops & sardines coated with putrefying bacteria (from feces)
- Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides
- Prunes tinted with unsafe chemical dyes
- Fruit, juice & bean curd found by the FDA to be "filthy"
- Poisonous swordfish, eel
- Deadly Puffer Fish "mislabeled" as Monkfish
- Moth larva in chocolates
- Pesticide tainted dumplings
- Defective space heaters causing fires
- Pork from pigs fattened with force-fed wastewater
- Lard made from sewage
- Dairy cows given so many antibiotics, yogurt cannot be made from their milk
- Hairdryers with electrocution hazards
- Unsafe electric extension cords
- Overheating Boomboxes prone to catching fire
- Flammable baby clothes
- Collapsing recliner chairs
- Etc., etc., etc., etc .........

Are we really going to take them AT THEIR WORD that the "Bodies" being peddled over at the Carnegie Science Center are actually those of people who have "died of natural causes"? Or gave their permission to be skinned and posed shooting hoops so millions could be "educated" and a few could make millions? Even though many in the medical field say the corpses look like people who were without disease and in the prime of their life? Even though the Chinese government either has not or cannot provide any consent papers? Even though China's crimes against humanity are well-documented and on-going? We are going to take them at their word NOW?????

PA Rep Michael Fleck is sponsoring a bill that would regulate traveling exhibits of human corpses. "I'm ashamed to say this needed to be done long ago, but at least we're working on it now," Mr. Fleck said. "If we regulate taxidermy and funeral directors, we should regulate this."

The legislation has 20 co-sponsors so far, but NONE from our area. Come on, guys. This one is a no-brainer. China is a modern-day monster for all they routinely butcher and torture. The only thing worse than a monstrous butcher is the enlightened "educator and purveyor of fine art" who profits from this abomination.

The biggest surprise of all? That it’s the venerated Carnegie Science Center that turns out to be the profit-mongering body-merchant in the Pittsburgh segment of this grisly horror flick.

Contact our area state representatives to let them know we are repulsed:
Dan Frankel-23 <dfrankel@pahouse.com>
John Maher-40 <jmaher@pahousegop.com>
Thomas Petrone-27 <tpetrone@pahouse.com>
Mark Mustio-44 <mmustio@pahousegop.com>
Mike Turzai-28 <mturzai@pahousegop.com>
Harry Readshaw-36 <hreadshaw@pahouse.com>
Sean Ramaley-16 <sramaley@pahouse.com>
Frank Dermody-33 <fdermody@pahouse.com>
Anthony DeLuca-32 <tdeluca@pahouse.net>
David Levdansky-39 <dlevdansky@pahouse.com>
Chelsa Wagner-22 <cwagner@pahouse.com>
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Joe Preston-24 <jpreston@pahouse.com>
Paul Costa-34 <pcosta@pahouse.com>
Don Walko-20 <dwalko@pahouse.com>
Joseph Markosek-25 <jmarkosek@pahouse.com>
Randy Vulakovish-30 <rvulakov@pahousegop.com>
Jake Wheatley-19 <jwheatley@pahouse.com>
Nick Kotik-45 <nkotik@pahouse.com>
William Kortz-38 <bkortz@pahouse.net>
Lisa Bennington-21 <lbennington@pahouse.com>
Jessie White-46 <jwhite@pahouse.com>
Matthew Smith-42 <msmith@pahouse.com>

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