Monday, December 3, 2007


The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Ravenstahl will not be using campaign funds to pay for his Carnegie Music Hall inauguration soiree. Instead, a “nonprofit” organization is being formed to foot the bill.

I presume this means anyone can contribute any amount, bypassing all campaign contribution laws since they are not contributing to a campaign. Additionally, the public will never know who contributed what since “nonprofit” contributor lists do not have to be published.

Quid pro quo? We’ll never know.

Transparency in government? You bet. From day one this administration has been very transparent as to who they are and what they are all about.

Is this legal? Oh, it would have to be. Myself, I don't believe the Ravenstahl administration would ever intend to do anything that was illegal. Or unethical. Or immature.


Matt H said...

Didn't Rendell have some companies pay for his inauguration stuff?

Char said...

Don't know. My point is one of transparancy. Or lack of it.

Whoever or whatever company that contributed in a normal manner to Luke's campaign would have had their names and amounts logged in a campaign contribution database. For all to see. And that's a good thing.

Now that Luke's setting up a "non-profit" to pay for the event..... anyone can pay any amount and the public will not know. Maybe its someone with "business interests" in front of the mayor. Maybe its someone who doesn't want it publically known how much he's giving or that he is giving at all. Maybe the public should know these things.

That's why everyone is so touchy about "transparancy" in government. Lack of transparancy is never a good thing.

Mark Rauterkus said...

If I ever win an election, I'm going to have an all-day and all-night block party within the Wabash Tunnel. It will be a pot-luck! Bring a covered dish for 10-20.

Yesterday, we drove through the Wabash Tunnel (headed outbound in the evening) and there was a car with an out-of-state license plate headed inbound. It was sure to be a head-on collision -- except that there are two lanes in the tunnel. So, we just drove past each other. Imagine that.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Link to Philly Inquirer broken.

Char said...

How very odd. The link is no longer good. I've gone back to Philly Inquirer, re-searched, and the article is now nowhere to be found.

I had originally sent the story-link over to PGs Rich Lord asking him if other mayors had run around campaign contribution laws in the same manner. Rich said O'Connor set up a non-profit for his inaugural party. He said the PG made sporadic efforts at figuring out who paid into it, but Bob's death made all of that difficult.

I've contacted the Philly Inquirer to ask them where the story went. I'll post new news if there is any.