Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jeff Foxworthy Sends Complimentary Copy of New Book to Luke Ravenstahl & Doug Shields

Dan Onorato On His "Wait & See" List.

You might be a financially distressed city if …

1) Your government employees outnumber your taxpayers.
2) Truckloads of illegal aliens blow past you on their way to Buffalo.
3) You award "Historic" designations to your oldest potholes.
4) Pension Fund diversification means splitting your investments between Powerball tickets and The Daily Number.
5) Your economic development plan centers around garbage pickup in Wilkinsburg.
6) You build a new Fort Pitt before the mortgage is paid off on the old one.
7) Your airport relocates to another city.
8) Your "Cost Cutting Task Force" is headed up by local unions.