Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How-To Tips From A Lying Dirt Bag

Tip #1: When being accused of something and you’re caught with your pants down, ignore the accusation at hand and instead vehemently deny something else.

Councilman Bruce Kraus accuses Mayor Ravenstahl of threatening to gut council’s budget in retaliation for taking away the Administration’s pretty take-home cars.

The Accusation:
The threat to gut council’s budget, and cripple its ability to hire professional aides, Kraus said, was made in an attempt to stop members from voting to reduce the number of city take-home cars from 60 to 29, a move that passed yesterday on a 5-3 vote.

“The mayor came up to me, and his exact words to me were, ‘We’re coming after you,’” Kraus said of the incident.

The Proper Dirt Bag Reply:
“In no way did I physically threaten him, nor did I use the word threat,” Ravenstahl responded.

Notice the expert technique utilized by the mayor in this situation. He indignantly denied “physically threatening” the councilman and also denied even uttering the word “threat.” Both denials are brilliant as the mayor actually did not do either of these things. But (and here is the brilliant part) neither thing was part of the original accusation in the first place!

Bonus Points Awarded:
The words “threat” and “threatening” appear in both the accusation as well as the mayor’s successful denial leading the casual reader to think both parties were actually talking about the same thing.

Homework Assignment:
Successfully deny that a 20x60 sign, lit and powered by electricity, is in fact not an electronic sign.

** Completed homework assignments should be sent to Executive Director Pat Ford c/o the Urban Redevelopment Authority.


EdHeath said...

In Rich Lord's PG piece today(, Doug Shields suggested Motznik's proposal for Council (to lower staff allotments to $62,000) would require re-opening the city's budget. That would expose increases in the Mayor's staff to reversals. The Mayor has to approve a re-opening of the budget. According to Lord the Mayor is dis-inclined to agree to re-open the budget.

We have an Act 47 hearing on April 8th. Will the state be more or less likely to move the city out of distressed status because of these antics.

Char said...

If the state allows us to go to the bathroom without a state-issued hall pass .......they're crazy.

Anonymous said...

If the mayor does not want to re-open the 2008 budget, then the introduction of papers yesterday by Motznik is a weird way of showing it.

And, the mayor may not have his way (again). The veto the keep the budget closed could be overcome by council. Let's hope that the budget gets re-opened.

MacYapper said...

Char... you're doing a helluva job nailing these dirtbags.

Anonymous said...

the only way the budget can be legally opened is by the mayor. Not the Council. But if the mayor is dumb enough to do so, I am sure he would see substantial reductions in his and his flunkies pay. The Council has total control once the budget is opend and the mayor does not have 5 votes. His chief dolt on Council Motznik, put the mayor in the pop by making his totally empty threat.

Deasey drank the Kool aid and now screwed his colleagues. He has serious payback comming his way from they way I hear it. Deasy won't give up any perks in H'burg but happily hits all other members in their pocket books.

Payne is now pissed at Deasey as well as others. Dan did a great job of keeping a very low profile since coming to Council. Now he is in the poop with everyone and famous for being a two-faced jerk just for campaign support from His Honor the liar, Luke Ravenstahl.

11th commandment.
Thou shalt not screw your colleagues in Council. Deasy just did. ooops.

Anonymous said...

UPMC, SIGNS (signs that aren't signs)


Why the hell do we allow these kids demolish our city.

Deasey/ was probably threatened and took money instead of showing his colleagues that he has any sense of integrity. Not a smart move Dan. It's like telling your voters that you can be bought. Almost like you think we are stupid and not paying attention. But we do and WE VOTE.


They break the law for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is confused about the word threat. He clearly is thinking that this wasn't a threat--unlike the time he got cuffed at a Steelers game. Just because you didn't threaten to punch a guy out doesn't mean it's not a threat, Mr. Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see the Mayor lied again . He won't play nice in the sandbox. Our little petulent child mayor is going to get burned.

see Saturday's pg he won't appoint his enimies to any Boards or Authorities if they are not going to go lock step with his looney dealmaking with his campaign supporters.

He will be toast by Fall. Luke, please don't run. You suck at being mayor. You have a resume piece to show your grand kids. Call it a day and be on your way. You don't have what it takes. Your insiders are taking you for a ride for all that it's worth -- to them.

Anonymous said...


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