Thursday, April 19, 2007

Garden Theatre Boasts New Marquee

Mayor Wins Contest

The city’s contest for a Garden Theatre marquee slogan has come up with an unlikely winner … Mayor Luke Ravenstahl! Scores of city residents submitted slogan ideas for a catchy phrase to attract new developers to the former porn theater. But Ravenstahl’s clever jingle, “No Longer For Adults, Luke Ravenstahl Moving Forward” came out on top.

“I’m honored to win this competition, but I want to make it perfectly clear that Denny Regan had no part in influencing the results”, the mayor told a group of reporters. The mayor’s detractors were not worried about the role Regan did or did not play in this contest. Rather, they were concerned that his name appearing on the theater marquee would give him an unfair advantage in the upcoming mayoral election. But the mayor was quick to remind the media that he is uncontested in both the May Primary and the November General Election. “It was a gamble”, the mayor said. “But I talked it over with my campaign advisors and we didn’t think I would lose any votes over this. After all, who else are people going to vote for?"


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I'm going to miss it. I've seen a lot of great films there.

This is just another victory for the PC crowd.