Friday, April 20, 2007

New Garden Theatre Opens Under New Management

Ravenstahl Double-Feature Premiers Opening Night

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s name and image are popping up everywhere across the city. The familiar “hands-on-hips” visage started out on billboards and appeared at least once on every page of the city’s web site. The famous mug quickly spread to the sides of police cars and buses, park benches and building facades. Even many Pittsburgh landmarks and institutions have been re-named in the mayor’s honor, the “Ravenstahl Regatta” and “Boulevard of Ravenstahl’s Allies” among them.

Pittsburgh now comes one step closer to joining the ranks of Hollywood and other entertainment Meccas with the outstanding Ravenstahl-riddled double-feature premiering this week at the New Garden Theatre on the North Side. The red carpet event is expected to be attended by city, county and state dignitaries as well as other regional movers-and-shakers.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Tickets go on sale - when?