Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ravenstahl Campaign Kicks In To High Gear As Primary Looms

Phone Bank Activities Confuse Seniors

With the primary just a few short weeks away, the Ravenstahl campaign has decided to kick things up another notch. Mayor Ravenstahl’s only other opponent, Councilman Bill Peduto, dropped out of the race March 21st leaving Mr. Ravenstahl an assured winner at the polls this May 15th. Others would take an opportunity such as this to sit back on their laurels; but team Ravenstahl is moving forward with a legion of door knockers, phone bankers, and requests to the media to schedule the long-promised debates.

Anna Marie Cancellare, 82, of Bloomfield, was one of many seniors who recently heard from Ravenstahl phone volunteers asking for their votes. “I was a little confused at first”, confided Anna Marie. “They said something about ‘I Like Luke’ and I thought they were from some teen-idol fan club wanting to speak to my great-granddaughter.”

Many other seniors have also been puzzled by the calls. “I asked them who else could I give my vote to?” commented Joseph Donato Sr., also of Bloomfield. “I’m still not sure it was really them who called. After all, whose gonna bother to run in a race all by themselves? No, I think it must have been some identity theft people on the phone. And I told them that! Yep, I told them they weren’t fooling me for one minute.”

But the ‘I Like Luke” team presses on even with hurdles such as these. Their mission is to make this the most exciting and engaging uncontested election Pittsburgh has ever seen.

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