Monday, May 7, 2007

SEEN: Pittsburgh's 1st Annual Seniors Bingo Bacchanal

Bingo Czar Dick Skrinjar and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl wait in the wings to give the opening address at Pittsburgh’s 1st Annual Seniors Bingo Bacchanal. Skrinjar is seen here wearing the newly-approved Bingo Beret and Lucky Medallion. Authorization for the city’s official “Bingo Attire” clothing line has been held up for weeks as City Council attempted to confirm that no sweat shop vendors were used and that 30% of all profits go to Hill District leaders, still unidentified as of this writing. Council did finally approve, with the only negative vote being cast by Jim Motznik who felt it was a terrible mistake to close the city’s asphalt plant. Even though the Bingo Bacchanal and plant closing had nothing whatsoever to do with one another, Councilman Motznik still felt a “no” vote was in order.

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