Thursday, July 5, 2007

In A World Turned Upside Down ....

Al Gore III Booked

Former Vice President Al Gore’s son, Al Gore III, was arrested Wednesday…..

In possession of marijuana….




And Soma……

Speeding southbound on I-5 going 100 mph…..

In his environmentally conscious, ozone-friendly blue Toyota Prius.

Very disconcerting to witness hypocrisy and idiocy running rampant across all spectra of society. Left and Right, Lib and Con alike. On a more uplifting note, sounds like some kick-ass performance from a hybrid car!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where the hypocrisy is in this--did Al Gore make a statement about his son being a non drug using, non speeding, perfectly conforming robot?
The kid is an adult, how does this reflect on his father?
The same goes for attention drawn to the adult children of repubs/conservatives: how does the behavoir of an adult somehow impune the parent?
If there's any hypocrisy here, it's your own, hidden behind a post with no explanation...making an ad hominem attack against the parent of an adult.

Char said...

Was talking about the disconnect involved in being enlightened enough to drive a hybrid..... but doing so at 100 mph with a stash of illegal drugs.

Richmond K. Turner said...

Anyone who can get a Prius up to 100 mph, and who feels confortable doing so, needs help.

Anonymous said...


Makes more sense now with your explanation. The shame is that the "enlightened," as you point out, can be oh so stupid.
Interesting too that Gore III's main cause is philanthropy. He seems to need to give a bit back to himself right now.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing that can happen to you.