Saturday, July 21, 2007

On A Path To Nowhere

Pittsburgh's destiny is recorded in the stars as well as in a letter published in today's Post Gazette:

Let up on Luke
After numerous articles recently in the Post-Gazette, it seems that your paper is trying to drive the mayor out of town. Whether it's who he hires, where he goes or the security he has with him, not much light has been shed as of late.

I understand he is the most accountable figure on the city's payroll, but can we please just give this guy a chance? Let's focus on issues that matter, such as the city's added security, urban redevelopment and other neighborhood initiatives.

We're not asking him to be a saint. However, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is young, energetic and passionate about growing the city he loves so much. This is what Pittsburgh needs. And it would be a real shame to see his tenure short-lived.



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