Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bankruptcy Watch: Shields Wants End To Oversight

Council President Doug Shields wants council to pass a resolution telling the Act 47 overseers to go away. He says we’re in fine enough shape. (He must be talking to Jim Rohr)

“The city has, in large measure, met the requirements of the recovery plan and the conditions that led to the distressed status are no longer present,” Shields opined.

Hmmm. What a difference one month makes. It was just October 17th when Mr. Shields noted that city finances were on track largely due to empty positions going unfilled. He warned the city must fill those posts and also cautioned that several union contracts will open up in the next two years. These circumstances alone could change the current rosy picture.

What could have happened to change Doug’s outlook? After all, did he not see Joey King and Luke Ravenstahl standing shoulder to shoulder, grinning from ear to ear, just a day after the mayor’s election, both anxiously calling for an end to state oversight? Doesn’t he know Ravenstahl will wind up giving Joey King whatever Joey wants if state oversight is removed? Doesn’t he realize a return to outrageously bloated union contracts will send us straight into a tailspin of bankruptcy?

Of course he does! Doug Shields is no dummy! Doug must have come to the same conclusion as the Pist-Gazette who feels bankruptcy is not only inevitable, it is actually the only way out of our mess. And Doug, bless his heart, is obviously doing everything he possibly can to get us to the bottom, get us there quick, so we are able to rise from the ashes and start once again.

Doug! You are the man!

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Anonymous said...

my oh my. no comments. That is very funny. Golf outtings and suv's an'at garner headlines galore. Here's some guy talking money and no one has a clue, let alone an opinion. I love this city and all who call it home. I think Pittsburgh has produced more comedians than anywhere in the world.