Friday, November 2, 2007

Man On The Street Poll: Allegheny East

Ravenstahl Reigns At Max’s Allegheny Tavern

One waitress and ten patrons were polled at Max’s Allegheny Tavern on Suismon St in Allegheny East. Of the 11, 5 were voting for Ravenstahl (45%), 1 was voting for DeSantis (9%), 3 were undecided (27%), and 2 were not voting at all (18%).

I had some kind of German thingie. It was bland and German. Thank God for Guinness.

The details:

Ravenstahl Supporters:
- Male 1: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “Luke’s done a good job. He’s young, but he’s learning. We don’t need another Republican in office. Just look what Bush has done.”
- Wife of Male 1: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: She agreed with everything her husband said.
- Male 2: 40-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I don’t want cops out of the neighborhoods. And I don’t want City/County merger either. Luke is the lesser of two evils.”
- Male 3: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “My union has backed Luke.”
- Wife of Male 3: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “He has great ideas to revive Pittsburgh.”

DeSantis Supporters:
- Male 4: 40-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “We haven’t learned yet that a one-party system is real bad. We need to know that now. I met Ravenstahl a few years ago when he was running for Council. I asked him at that time what he planned to do about revitalizing our economy. He started telling me about this big idea he had about Pittsburgh picking up the trash for the surrounding municipalities. I was not impressed with him or his answer. And now look what’s happened. He’s mayor, and what happens? By God, he’s still on that trash thing ….. picking up Wilkinsburg’s trash like that’s the answer to anything.”

- Waitress: 20-ish, Democrat. Hasn’t paid attention at all but will before election day.
- Male 5: 50-ish, Democrat. Hasn’t decided yet who he will vote for. He has no problem with Luke. But he hasn’t decided for sure.
- Male 6: 20-ish, Democrat. Not given it any thought at all.

Will Not Vote:
- Friend of Male 2: 40-ish, Democrat. Thinks system is corrupt. Thinks people pick on Luke because he hasn’t worked his way up through the ranks.
- Friend of Male 6: 20-ish, Democrat. “I’m not registered to vote, but if I were, I’d be voting for Ravenstahl just to spite a friend of mine who is presently the right-hand-man of a certain City Councilman who doesn’t get along with Ravenstahl. And also because I was never invited to the Masquerade Ball.”

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Gloria said...

Ms. Pist,

I love this series of polls, way more fun than the usual ones - Zogby, et. al - are you paying attention?

And I am learning so much.

For example, I didn't realize that not being invited to the Masquerade Ball could, (should?), be a determinant in my candidate selection process.

I will waste no time adding it to my list of qualifiers. Even though I have no idea what the Masquerade Ball is, the one thing I DO know, is that I wasn't invited.