Friday, November 2, 2007

Man On The Street Poll: Bloomfield

DeSantis Tops At Tessaros

Two waitresses and sixteen patrons were polled at Tessaros on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield. The owner was also asked about his preference, but he deftly deferred saying no matter which way he went, he would alienate one segment of his customer base. So, he was going to steadfastly remain without an opinion.

Of the 18 polled, 3 were going for Ravenstahl (17%), 12 supported DeSantis (67%), 1 was undecided (6%), and 2 were not registered to vote (11%).

I had the Gourmet Burger with Provolone and a tall Guinness. That's what I have every time I go to Tessaros. It may be the best burger on the planet.

The details:

Ravenstahl Supporters:
- Female 1: 20-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “Having a young mayor is a good way to try to draw young people back in to the city.”
- Female 2: 30-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I like his youth and his enthusiasm.”
- Male 1: 30-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “There was a landslide in my backyard. Ravenstahl showed up in person to give us support. He did that with the flood victims too. I like his straight-forward manner. I think he’s being torn apart just because he’s young.”

DeSantis Supporters:
- Male 2: 60-ish, Independent. Reason for vote: “The Democrats have done a lot of damage to this city. It’s time for a change.”
- Female 3: 40-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I want you to know I am not only a Democrat, I’m a far left Democrat. I will be voting for DeSantis because there is no comparison between what he would bring to office and what Luke does not have. It’s almost like Luke is running for Student Council President or something.”
- Female 4: 40-ish, Independent. Reason for vote: “Its time to get the Machine out.”
- Male 3: 40-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “Luke does not have the judgement necessary to be mayor. My vote for DeSantis will be a vote against 70 years of one-party rule.”
- Female 5: 40-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “Luke is too young. DeSantis has a great education. I think it’s time to mix things up.”
- Male 4: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I’m voting for DeSantis! The young guy is just a disaster.”
- Female 6: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I was for him at first. But now, I don’t think he’s ready to be mayor.”
- Male 5: 60-ish, Republican. Reason for vote: “This city needs a change. The time is now.”
- Wife of Male 5: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I have to agree with my husband. It's time for a change.”
- Male 6: 70-ish, Republican. Reason for vote: “This city has been run by Democrats for 70 years. 70 years of corruption. Patronage beyond belief. We need to get rid of all the brother-in laws, all of the sister-in laws. We need to get every relative of every politician off the payroll. We need to have the best and the capable, not the connected.”
- Female 7: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I am voting for DeSantis because it’s our chance for integrity.”
- Male 7: 70-ish, Republican. Reason for vote: “DeSantis is very educated. Luke has the same old people around. He didn’t clean house and we need to clean house.”

- Female 8: 60-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I am a very liberal Democrat. I don’t like George Bush. I think Luke has tried to do a good job. But I just don’t know. I’m undecided.”

Will Not Vote:
- 2 Waitresses: Both not registered to vote, both will not be voting.

I shared my results with Tessaros owner before I left. He was very, very surprised


Anonymous said...

Bloomfield is a good mix of the city, and that's a relatively large sample. The Mayor is treading water. It'll be a close election.

Of course, you could be biasing the results if you're walking around with a DeSantis button on.

52-48 Luke, I think. But I don't know. Could go the other way.

Char said...

No ....acutally I take great pains to appear entirely benign.

I say, "Hi, I'm a blogger doing a "Man On The Street Poll" for my blog. I'm asking folks who they'll be supporting for mayor this Tues. Are you for Ravenstahl, DeSantis, neither or undecided?"

I even say Ravenstahl's name first.

My surprise? That people are so eager to talk. That many always say, "Don't forget to put this down ...." (I take notes)

Its been interesting .....

Anonymous said...

People always like to talk. It's neat for the average person to feel like others care about their opinion. If a politician ever figured that out...

Mark Rauterkus said...

Go figure.

Did you see my polling results?

Maria said...

I've been reading these posts with great interest. They certainly match the conversations that I've had with people.

Anonymous said...

Frank said...

Just wanted to say that these are fascinating posts--well done!

Imagine if the candidates did things like go into local establishments and ask people's opinions...

The Blurgh