Monday, November 19, 2007

Monsters Among Us

It’s hard to fathom a monster, masquerading as a 30-yr-old human being, who would bite and rape a 10 month old baby.

Except for cases of self defense and to protect others from imminent harm or death themselves, Ms. Pist does not believe any of us has the right to kill another. This includes a mother taking the life of her baby inside, outside, or almost outside of the womb. This includes the state punishing monsters such as Clinton Smith who will be charged with raping Daniyah Jackson to death.

Daniyah (pictured above) died from multiple organ failure when she was penetrated by someone 10 times her size. And while Ms. Pist’s emotional side cries out for her attacker to be killed in exactly the same manner, Ms. Pist still believes “life without parole” should be the sentence for the most worthless pieces of excrement among us. “Without parole” should mean just that. No chance whatsoever to leave their cell no matter how many times the monster has “found Jesus.” The monster should stay in his cell, 24/7, with only brief excursions to eat and take a shower. No TV. No computer. No My Space Friends. No conjugal visits. A complete and total removal from the world he raped to death. This should be the “life” of Clinton Smith.

A final word to our young ladies: Understand there are monsters among us and that you must live your life with this reality in mind. DO NOT create life unless you are able to provide and care for that life. DO NOT bond with another to create life until you know that person inside and out for a long, long, long time. DO NOT bond with another to create life unless that other person has legally committed (marriage) to caring and providing for that newly created life. If you are a single parent, DO NOT expose your children to any “love interest” until you have known them, inside and out, for a long, long, long, time.

Fair or not, convenient or not, this is the reality of the world we live in.


hope4future said...

You are so right on some issues. I have done just the opposite of what you said. Creating life when I couldn't afford it.

There was no way i was getting abortions.

However, I have a supportive family and have by some accounts 'made it'.

Too many of these mothers have low or should I say no self worth. I know how Daniyah's mother made the mistake of pickin' Mr. Clinton as a boyfriend.

Her blinders were on...she didn't listen to the warning...danger up ahead it is too late.

Just another innocent life lost. I have know idea how the mother is feeling except extremely guilty for not listening to her intuition.

Thank you for publishing this Ms. Pist. I was hoping more bloggers would talk about this tragedy in PGH.

Char said...

I think by all accounts you probably have already "made it". Not because things won't be tough for you ... they will be. I say I think you've already made it because ..... if you ever did have blinders on .... they're definitely not on now or you would have not been able to say the things you said.

Good luck to you and your child. Whatever hardships are out there before you, whatever things you go without, whatever things you "miss" ..... You just remember you already have been given the most awesome, miraculous gift and privilege ever. You've been entrusted with the care and development of another human being's body, mind and soul. And it sounds as if you're stepping up to the plate nicely.

Donn Nemchick said...

You are correct in your views on the crud that killed this baby, except for one thing. He should be dead by now...let God sort this out. He deserves no more waking moments, period. I will be sickened to hear that he is getting "treatment for his problem" or his po mama goes on camera to proclaim he is not an animal.

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

Great post, Char. This cretin is a disgrace to my gender. Males skew wide, all over the place in fact, from Einstein and Pope John Paul II to cretins like this. The vast majority of us can't fathom acts such as this, but Char is correct: bringing a child into the world is an awesome responsibility that should always be taken with utmost seriousness. A woman needs to be completely sure of the man who shares her bed (the same is true of a man). For someone who has suffered two miscarriages, seeing a child subjected to this "person" sickens me.

Jimeca said...

Well...let me tell you, i felt like i had been punched in the stomach when family member notified me of this news. You see, I have a son by this monster. My son does not know this man. When my son was several months old I took him to see his "father" and he scremed as soon as he walked into the room. When asked why my baby reacted like this Clinton replied, "ll children react like that to me...because I'm satan." He hasn't seen my baby (who is going to be 7 this coming Christmas Day) since. My son asks me if he can go to jail to see his father b/c he wants to know who he is and tell him that God still loves him. I wish there was some way I could've warned Daniyah's mother.