Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lost Opportunities

Mayor Looking to Improve His Batting Average

In a world where “you win some and you lose some”, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is nonetheless frustrated with the number of opportunities he’s lost lately. The Pist-Gazette sympathizes with Ravenstahl’s loss. But we’d like to point out that it may just be a recent run of bad luck since the young mayor has been able to seize upon so many good opportunities. Let’s take a quick look back at some of his triumphs as well as disappointments:

Opportunities Lost.....
On Police Promotions: “Had I had the opportunity to examine their cases, or look at the issues prior to the promotions, perhaps we would not be sitting here today."

On the McNeilly Demotion: "The decision [to demote Cmdr. McNeilly] was made because the rules were broken. I stand behind those rules." As far as Mr. Regan's actions were concerned, "There was no rule broken, no law broken. If anything, maybe bad judgment was used." The mayor said no decision has been made on whether to defend the case at trial or try to reach a settlement. If it goes to trial, he said he would “welcome the opportunity” to testify in the case.

On the Party Plane to NYC: "[Burkle] being one of the more influential national Democrats in this country, it was an opportunity that I thought was a good one. In hindsight, certainly I do wish I had the opportunity to just tell the story right then and there, but it didn't work out that way."

On Stalking Tiger Woods: “I just wish I would have had the opportunity to discuss the issue prior to the story being run, so I could have given my side of the story.”

Opportunities “Seized”.....
On Becoming Mayor Upon The Death Of Bob O’Connor: It wasn't luck that got him there, [Ravenstahl] said. He was prepared for the job and he seized the opportunity when it arose.

On Peduto Dropping Out: "This will just give me the opportunity now to focus more so on the future of the city, economic development, clean, safe streets, the financial situation. ... Quite candidly, the next two months would have been consumed by campaign-related activity."

On His Own “Young and Fresh” Persona: "Certainly, somebody as young and fresh as I am, I think has an opportunity to show leadership and be a leader. I believe I'm a good mayor, and the more chances and the longer tenure I have to show that, the more successful I'm going to be."

On Stalking Tiger Woods: “It was a life long dream of mine. It certainly was and it was a great opportunity."

Opportunities Not Recognized As Opportunities.....
On the Heinz Field Incident: “Myself and everybody else that was in the front of the line at that point simply had no control over our bodies or anything.” (No realization of the "opportunity" hidden in this incident, but possibly our favorite mayoral quote ever.)

Opportunities Yet To Be Classified.....
On Firing 3 Staffers: “I have given them the opportunity to take the day off and consider the positions."

On Firing 10 Department Heads: Mr. Ravenstahl said he has offered all of the directors the opportunity to reapply as part of a national search for candidates.

We certainly wish Mayor Luke luck improving his batting average. But as the mayor is quick to point out, "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Since this mayor is so very well prepared, we are certain he will seize every opportunity lobbed in his direction. How lucky for the City of Pittsburgh!


Bram Reichbaum said...

Char, you seem to have skills.

Maybe you'd be interested in a research project I am too lazy and good-for-nothing to undertake.

How many times has he said something, and then said, "and I stand by that"?

Char said...

Sounds like a fun project ....