Thursday, June 7, 2007

Snapshots From The Mayor's Photo Album

Ravenstahl Announces Discovery Of Monongahela River
"Who's The Smart One Now?" He Taunts Peduto

Ravenstahl Impresses Sarah Jessica Parker With Tales Of Letterman Visit
Mayor Hoped It Would Be His Best Pick-Up Line Ever

Ravenstahl Impresses Dennis Quaid With Tales Of Letterman Visit
Pick-Up Line Reportedly Fizzled With Quaid Also

Ravenstahl Entertains Elderly With Tales Of Letterman Visit
Letterman Anecdotes Fall Flat As Pick-Up Lines But Prove To Be Pure Gold Garnering Senior Vote

Ravenstahl Challenges Mario To A Little One On One: "Mano y Mano"

Ravenstahl Announces Results Of His First Heart-Lung Transplant

Ravenstahl Busy Inventing The Internet

Ravenstahl Starts "Houses For Humans"
Jimmy Carter Steals Idea, Changes Name to "Habitat For Humanity." Ravenstahl Decries New Name As "Pretentious."

Ravenstahl In "Time Out" Session

Ravenstahl Poses With Twins He Personally Delivered In Back of City FlexCar
Proposes Trial Use of FlexCars To Supplement EMS Vehicle Fleet

Kick-Off Meeting Of The "I Like Luke" Fan Club
Club Members To Be Used As Alternates For Ethics Board "As Needed"

Ravenstahl and ARL Employee Beat The Streets Looking For Stray Cats

Ravenstahl's Last Year As City Councilman

Ravenstahl Press Conference: "Mom Unhappy With Mean-Spirited Bloggers"
Mayor Told To Go Straight Home From Work; Not To Talk To Any Strangers Wanting An Interview

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