Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Peduto Says Cool Hand Luke Out In Left Field

He Might As Well Ask For (Dan) Onorato's Resignation While He’s At It

During today’s City Council session, Councilman Bill Peduto read the City Charter rules as they pertain to the firings of department heads and directors. Something Mayor Lukey should have done prior to waving his hand, trying to get most of the 5th floor to disappear.

A couple of embarrassing points for an administration which is building its legacy on embarrassment ……

o The mayor must provide City Council with a specific “reason” for terminating a department head. That city government is not “running well enough” is not a “good enough” reason.

o Directors of Authorities are out of Lukey’s reach. Authorities are created by the state and their directors serve at the will of their board members. Luke has as much authority (no pun intended) to ask for an authority director’s resignation as he does Dan Onorato or the Mayor of Cincinnati for that matter.

Of note, even though Yarone chairs the URA and Yarone is Luke’s right hand guy, the majority of the URA board must vote to relieve URA Director Detorre. He cannot be removed by a Thursday afternoon Ravenstahl whim.

Even City Council President Doug Shields was perturbed that he heard about the mass firings from a press release. He reminded Luke that City Council and the Mayor's Office are partners in city governance and chided him for not acting accordingly.

The Pist-Gazette is beginning to believe that the boy is on meds of some kind. If they’ve been legally prescribed, we respectfully ask that someone adjust them "accordingly."


Mark Rauterkus said...

Great post except about the meds part. No need for that.

EdHeath said...

This is why you never hear of this sort of thing happening in other cities. In the private sector employees can be fired for any reason, and unless that reason violates a specific law (like gender or racial discrimination), the employee can’t do anything about it. But the public sector is a bit different. It makes sense that if council approves the choices of directors, it should be told why, specifically, they are being removed. Council may have to ask the Act 47 people for money to sue the Mayor’s office.