Friday, October 19, 2007

FOP Deals Ravenstahl One-Two Punch

News Flash!

Kapow! The FOP endorsed Republican Mark DeSantis this afternoon in his bid for mayor of Pittsburgh.

Kablam! They rubbed salt into the wound by comparing *DeSantis* to the much-loved, late Mayor Bob O’Connor:

"We see a lot of the same things in him that we saw in (late Mayor) Bob O'Connor,” said Union Secretary Chuck Hanlon.

Maybe, just maybe the stupor-villian Frat Boy will be run out of Gotham City after all!


Anonymous said...

It just gets better.

Matt H said...

Looks like a speacial deal was given to the FOP for their endorsement.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Joe Weinroth, R, candidate for mayor, got the endorsement of the FOP in 2005 when he ran. He was running against Bob O'Connor.

Go figure.

Char said...


I presume you are talking about DeSantis' openly stating he believes ALL city employees should be able to live outside the city. This "special" deal would therefore apply to fire, trash, city clerks as well as police. So I guess we should be expecting fire and others to jump on board with the "special deal" also?

Anonymous said...

You're pleading your case on all the blogs..who cares.

Chad said...

There was no special deal, Matt.




Got that?

You're as pathetic as the Boy Mayor, smearing and insinuating your way through your own denial.

The FOP endorsed DeSantis straight up. Deal with it.

Matt H said...

There was no straight up deal. It was a trade off. Endorsement for residency.

DeSantis won't win anyway so it doesn't matter.

Matt H said...

ANON said

You're pleading your case on all the blogs..who cares."

I didn't know there was just one or two blogs I could make comments on. Thanks for your comments though. Not.

Chad said...

"Looks like a special deal was given..." - Matt

"There was no straight up deal." - Matt

So which is it, Matt?

We're used to you having no sense or fact or reason to support your claims, but now you can't even decide what it is you're actually claiming.

Which makes you, in the end, the ideal Ravenstahl supporter: rhetorically bereft and intellectually dishonest.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Woops. I was wrong.


Joe Weinroth did NOT get the endorsement of the FOP in 2005. He got the endorsement of the firefighters.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, lay off frat boys. They don't deserve the comparison to Luke.

Char said...

I stand corrected, Anonymous. Please accept my apologies.