Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Man On The Street Poll: Troy Hill

Billy’s Troy Hill Bistro Likes Luke

One waitress and eleven patrons were polled at Billy’s Bistro on Lowrie St in Troy Hill. Only eight of the twelve were city residents, however. The four non-city patrons lived in nearby Reserve Township. Of the 8 Troy Hill residents, 3 were voting for Ravenstahl (38%), 2 for DeSantis (25%), 2 were undecided (25%), and 1 never votes for anyone and plans to not vote for anyone this time around also (13%).

Of the 4 who lived in Reserve, 3 would have voted for Ravenstahl if they could have (75%), 1 was firmly in the DeSantis camp (25%).

I had the house specialty, by the way. The Black Diamond Steak was very tasty and I’d recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the neighborhood.

The details:

Ravenstahl Supporters:
- Female 1: 30-ish, Republican. Reason for vote: “I just like Luke. He’s young and I like the changes he’s made. I had the opportunity to meet him and I liked what I saw. He has fresh ideas and I’d like for him to continue the changes he’s started.”
- Male Friend of Female 1: 40-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I want him to be able to continue doing what he’s doing now.”
- Fairly Drunk Male: 60-ish, Independent. Reason for vote: “Let me tell you … I hate Democrats. And I also hate Luke’s dad. Be sure to say that I really hate Luke’s dad. But I’m going to be voting for Luke. I think we need to give this boy a chance. Let’s see what he can do. Make sure you remember that I hate Democrats. I really do. Besides, I think DeSantis might be gay. He’s not married, you know.”

DeSantis Supporters:
- Man Sitting Next To Fairly Drunk Male. 50-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “I think a little bit of intellect would be nice for a change.” Fairly Drunk Male warned that a DeSantis victory would be a catastrophe; it would turn things upside-down. “Maybe that’s what we need,” said Man Sitting Next To FDM. “Maybe we need things turned upside-down.”
- Friend Of Man Sitting Next To Fairly Drunk Male. 50-ish, Democrat. Reason for vote: “DeSantis is the smarter man. That would be nice for a change.”

- Couple. Both 30-ish, Both Democrats. Both had not made up their minds yet.

Will Not Vote:
- Waitress. 30-ish, Not Registered Anything. Reason for non-vote: “I never pay attention to politics and I never vote for anyone. But I tell you this, if I were voting this time, I would not vote for Luke. He comes in here from time to time and he always leaves a horrible tip. He was in here the other day with some people from the city and some girls. They drank and ate and the bill came to $88 but he only left a $4 tip. No, if I were voting this time, it wouldn’t be for him.”


The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Tell ma again, who has the suburban support? 75% for Luke in the suburbs vs. 38% of actual city residents...

Char said...

My little "polls" are more of a curiousity than anything to be relied upon. I have really, really enjoyed talking to people, though. Especially since I keep getting surprised at what I stumble upon.

Like at Billy's in Troy Hill .... Since Luke lives two "hills" over from Troy Hill .... I didn't expect to find one person willing to admit they were voting for DeSantis.

And those 4 "suburbanites".... They lived in Reserve Township whose border happens to be about 3 blocks from the restaurant/bar. So I was not surprised to find them sitting in this neighborhood bar, with opinions that mirrored the "locals".

The couple who had not made up their mind yet .... that surprised me. I would have thought most everyone in Luke's neck of the woods would already have definite opinions on him.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

You talk to enough people, you'll get a valid sample. You're at 35 or so now. Talk to 200 people before the election, and you'll have a poll +/- 7%. Within the Wards, your polls probably mirror the way people are going to vote. I think Luke is going to win, but I also think it's going to be a relatively close election.

CapitolMAN said...

Can't a man wear Buddy Holly glasses in Pittsburgh without having his sexuality challenged? Sheesh...not that there's anything wrong with that.

I have wondered whether DeSantis' bachelor status would hurt him. That would be an interesting poll question.

But I doubt most people know he's not married.

You know what committed bachelor (and downtown dweller) Beano Cook retorts when asked why he never married? Every married man he knew had to pay for "a car, a wife, and an ex-wife."