Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Does It Take To Bring Left And Right Together? The Horrifying Possibility Of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

Both Endorse Republican Challenger Mark DeSantis

Has the world come to an end? Has hell frozen over? No, not exactly, but close to it. Both the Democratic-leaning Post-Gazette (link) and the Republican-inclined Trib-Review (link) have endorsed Republican underdog Mark DeSantis for mayor of Pittsburgh.

Prior to 9/11, many used to wonder what it would take to unify our country. Voices for the Left and Right had moved so far away from each other, it seemed they could no longer agree whether or not the sky was blue, whether or not the Earth was round. Then came 9/11 and with it a stark albeit brief realization that worse people exist in the world than the opposite party they had vowed to destroy.

Councilman Luke Ravenstahl’s ascendance to the mayoral throne was Pittsburgh’s very own 9/11. Both our major newspapers get it. Both stand united in realizing the horrific implications of an out-of-control Frat Boy running the city as it circles the event horizon of a black hole called ‘bankruptcy’.

The question is, will Mr.& Mrs. Average Pittsburgher get it? Will the myopic government worker who doesn’t understand his very job depends on tax dollars from the private sector get it? Will the mindless voter who gets ‘handed the slate’ be able to muster the wits to rebel against his own DNA corrupted by generations of same-party inbreeding? Will the unions finally understand that there is not one drop of blood left in any Pittsburgh turnips? Even if there was, will they finally admit the turnip-blood will never come from a boy speeding around town in his Batmobile, chasing after celebrities whilst admiring his own reflection?

Unfortunately, the answer to all of the above is probably ‘no’. Ms. Pist believes we Pittsburghers are for the most part hopeless, hapless and clueless. Ms. Pist believes Ravenstahl will win the election and Pittsburgh will continue on the path to its own demise. I guess it’s just what Darwin referred to as 'the process of natural selection’.

Huge thanks to the Post-Gazette and the Trib for standing up and doing what’s right. Mega-Super-Kudos especially to the Post-Gazette who has risked paying subscriptions from the mindless and the myopic. They have instead chosen to retain their journalistic and editorial sanity and integrity, and for this they will have my eternal respect.


Chad said...

In a campaign full of great posts, you've truly outdone yourself, Char. Great work. And beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is not on the "left." It is the newspaper of the establishment in the city, and is therefore not on the left by definition. Democrats, after all, are not synonymous with the left, and the establishment here has a wing that is close to the Democrats -- and it has to be, since Democrats are the overwhelming majority here.

The Post-Gazette endorsed Roddey twice and Tom Ridge twice, and has also endorsed numerous Republicans for County Council and other offices. It is a solid establishment newspaper of the "moderate" right, always seeking the consensus view of the local rich in its endorsements.

The Tribune-Review is, by contrast, a newspaper of the hard right politically, but also -- and more importantly -- the hobby of a flaky far-right gadfly. Scaife is outside the consensus of the local ruling circles, though his political preferences occasionally coincide with theirs, as they do in this instance.

Developers and other powerful interests will continue giving money to Ravenstahl, since they know he will win and they want the wheels greased for their projects (that is the way local politics are, and DeSantis would be gleefully taking their money if it were on offer). But the Post-Gazette endorsement shows the way the local rich feel in their heart of hearts.

At the same time, like all rich folk, the establishment here would like to see more power for the Republicans, and the Post-Gazette endorsement of DeSantis is of a piece with that. It is quite explicit on this point. I assume that more power for the Republicans is also your goal; your manifest contempt for workers and for "same-party inbreeding" would tend to indicate that.

Char said...

My goal is to not have an idiot for mayor.

And, yes, you are correct .... I can't get behind inbreeding or incest either.

Call me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Your goal, objectively speaking, is more power for the Republicans -- whether you realize it or not. In the event that your uncle is not also your half-brother, you only serve as proof that it doesn't require incest to breed a moron.

Char said...

No, I'm not a Ravenstahl campaign worker. So my uncle is not my half-brother. Thanks for asking, though.

Anonymous said...

Sums up why the Ravenstahl campaign is in trouble. It can't let people disagree with it. Not good in a local election...